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AlphaChristmas 1.0.17

Fully customize the christmas events and the loot tables

  1. AlphaChristmas

    This plugin allows you to customise almost every aspect of the christmas system, and includes the following main features:
    • Customisable Entity Drop: Let's you customise what the present entities drop when the player destroys them
    • Christmas Trees Spawn Presents: Christmas trees will optionally spawn presents upon the christmas event
    • Customisable Unwrap Drops: Let's you customise what the different tier presents give when they are unwrapped
    • Customisable Stocking Drops: Let's you customise what items are added to the small and super stockings when the event is triggered
    • Customisable Present / Stocking Events: Fully customisable events including automatic timers, present spawn radius size, number of presents to spawn (this can also be modified for different permission groups)
    • Event Announcements: Gives alerts when the christmas events are triggered
    • alphachristmas.admin - players with this permission can use the chat commands listed below
    • /xmas all - refills all stocking and spawns presents around all players
    • /xmas stockings - refills all stockings
    • /xmas presents - spawns presents around all players
    • /xmas trees - spawns presents around all christmas trees
    • /xmas presents <number> - spawns a certain number of presents around all players
    • /xmas presents <groupname> - spawns presents around players in a certain usergroup, for example, "admin" or "vip"
    • /xmas stockings <groupname> - refills the stockings of a certain usergroup
    • /xmas trees <groupname> - spawns presents around trees who belong to players of a certain oxide group
    If you have any other feature requests for this plugin, feel free to request them in the support thread.

Recent Updates

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Recent Reviews

  1. FunkyRusty
    Version: 1.0.14
    Great plugin even when its NOT Xmas!! a must have!
  2. DoC
    Version: 1.0.3
    Looking forward to using this throughout December & random times next year. Loot tables are easy to sort out and configure and gives complete control