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AutoCodeLock 2.2.6

CodeLock & Door automation tools

  1. 2.2.6

    • Changed "doorclosers" default locations for both types of doors to hide from raiders in a floorlevel below those doors:
  2. 2.2.5

    • Added the global switch "autoUpdateChangedDelays" (default: false)
      Automates the players delay changes to be updated across all doors
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  3. 2.2.4

    • Removed the (from v2.2.1) "closerPickupReplacement" option - Cause it did'nt work :p
    • Added a new option to make it work that doorcloers will give back only 1 scrap from recycle:
      Code (Text):
        "Options": {
          "closerPickupReplaceItem": "scrap",
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  4. 2.2.3

    • Fixed CodeLock placements from inventory
    • Fixed DoorCloser placements
    • Added "checkPlayerForCombatBlocked" for NoEscape
      Code (Javascript):
        "Options": {
          "checkPlayerForCombatBlocked": false,
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  5. 2.2.2

    • Added "checkPlayerForRaidBlocked" option.
      This does check for installed NoEscape and checks a player for "IsRaidBlocked".
      In case of this is true, any automated codelock placements and codelock autolock functions are disabled while the raidblock is active.
  6. 2.2.1

    • Added new option closerPickupReplacement
      Code (Text):
        "Options": {
          "closerPickupReplacement": 109266897,
      Since DoorClosers have no switch to disable pickup, the only way to cut off mostly any repeating recycle abuse, is technically to replace the returned item on pickup. The default here is scrap. The function does return always 1 amount.
  7. 2.2.0

    • Added ProtoStorage (default: false) as optional file-format for the userdata-file.
      Set this to true and you save space and time on file-saves:
      Code (Javascript):
        "Storage": {
          "useProtostorageUserdata": true
  8. 2.1.3

    • Added "acl.refreshclosers" consolecommand to place missing (or not yet existed) doorclosers on doors of people also having the permission to use doorclosers.
      @SK_Seven ;)
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  9. 2.1.2

    • Added an additional check to the autolock feature:
      An afterwards deployed codelock on an already existing object gets only autolocked when the deployer is also the object-owner.
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  10. 2.1.1

    • Added additional security check to the used baseentity slot at "OnItemDeployed".