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AutomatedSearchlights 0.2.19

Create searchlights that will automatically turn on and follow a variety of objects

  1. 0.2.19

    Offset rotation so the light points where you are looking
  2. 0.2.18

    Don't calculate threats whenever a entity enters the detection radius (should remove server strain when building large bases near a ton of searchlights)
    Slightly increase time between threat calculations
    Automatically recreate data file if corrupted
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  3. 0.2.16

    Cancel crafting when occupying a searchlight
  4. 0.2.15

    Changed inventory strip method to eliminate entity leak
  5. 0.2.14

    Fix for recently exposed fields by Oxide
  6. 0.2.13

    Added config option to disable cycling through searchlights
  7. 0.2.12

    Added ability to toggle the light on/off when controlling it using the FIRE button
    Changed searchlight name string in overlay
    Forgot to mention in the previous patch notes you can now name your searchlights by typing '/sl name <name>' which will be reflected in the console view and overlay
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  8. 0.2.10

    Updated for RustNET v0.1.05
    Added config options to disable any control/access feature
    Added config options to display a UI overlay when controlling the searchlight
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  9. 0.2.04

    Register custom permissions
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  10. 0.2.03

    Added config option to allow players to automate lights with out the need for a terminal (Doing this ignores the amount restriction)
    Added config option to create permissions to allow different light limits
    Fixed spectate switch glitch
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