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BountyNET 0.1.5

A bounty system that can only be access via a RustNET terminal

  1. BountyNET

    A bounty system that is designed to be used in conjunction with RustNET terminals.


    // Some notes on BountyNET
    - The bounty menu can be accessed from any terminal (public or non-public)
    - Bounties rewards can be set in the form of items, RP or economics (adjustable in the config)
    - Players can only place 1 bounty on any one person
    - Players can not claim or place bounties on clan members or friends
    - Players can cancel any bounties they have placed at any time
    - When a bounty has been completed players can claim their rewards via the bounty menu
    - Players can view all active bounties
    - There is a leaderboard for the most wanted players (based on time they have eluded death) and the top bounty hunters

    // Permissions
    bountynet.use - Required to access the bounty menu
    bountynet.admin - Used to see admin options in bounty menu (such as cancelling any bounty)

    // Console Commands
    bounty view <target name or ID> - View active bounties on the specified player
    bounty top - View the top 20 bounty hunters
    bounty wanted - View the top 20 most wanted players
    bounty clear <target name or ID> - Clear all active bounties on the specified player
    bounty wipe - Wipe all bounty data
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    Version: 0.1.02
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    Version: 0.1.0
    O, M, G, Awesome work k1lly0u i like the bounty option created in a GUI for easy access and controll 10/10 :)