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Clans REBORN 2.13.11

Clans plugin with Allies, inbuilt FriendlyFire and much more...

  1. Clans REBORN

    Native (optional) TeamUI integration for each clan:
    Clans Management tools listed from client-console:

    Clans Management tools listed from server-console:
    Example command outputs:
    Clans help view example:


    Feature overview:
    • It provides native NTeleportation support for setting homes and teleport requests
    • Players can be invited being alive (online, sleeping) and dead (not alive)
    • Invited players being not in game get their clan invitation displayed 3 secs after login
    • It supports an optional alliance function for clan interaction
    • Clans have a clan internal friendly-fire protection
    • Friendly fire protection can be optionally extended on allied clan members
    • Clan/Ally chats will display the name of the speaker with their colored clan status
    • Clan broadcasts show any action like invite or demote with the actors clan status color
    • The clan overview shows now also Offline member names
    • The clan TAG min- and max-length can now be defined by config
    • Clan creation can check TAG’s against a blocked wordlist
    • Clan tagging can be optionally disabled
    • It can create/manage automatic Oxide clan groups including their members
    • Old (not updated since x days ) clans can be automatically purged
    • Authorized players can rename existing clans
    • All authorized players of authLevel 1 and 2 can direct broadcast into a clan channel
    • All default chat commands are changeable.
    • All plugins colors can be formatted
    • All texts are available by language-file
    • The plugin has full support for the default saved Clans data format
    • RustIO dependency was removed
    INSTALL Notes:
    • Delete your OLD /config/Clans.json in config folder (if exist)
    • run server.save and make a copy of /data/rustio_clans.json (if exist)
    • Install the plugin over the old (if exist)
    • The clans data file is full compatible with public version of ClansIO (not the universal version)
    • The clans-data will be saved into /config/Clans.json
      Once this was done once, you could delete the old clans(io)-file.

    TeamUI integration to gain seamless integration with the native controls.
    Code (Javascript):
      "Teaming": {
        "allowButtonKick": true, // to enable/disable the kick function by overlay for the owner
        "allowButtonLeave": true, // to enable/disable the simple leave for each member
        "allowDirectInvite": true, // to enable/disable the direct playerinvite for the owner
        "allowPromoteLeader": true, // to enable/disable the direct promote of another owner
        "clientRefreshInterval": 5.0, // defines the interval how often the clan will send out a refresh to each online player
        "disableManageFunctions": false, // enable/disable any (above mentioned) UI interactions
        "listDeadOfflineMembers": false, // to list also "dead & offline" normal members; member with any role are always listed
        "useRankColorsPanel": true, // uses the clan rank colors also for the UI-Panel
        "useRelationshipManager": true // enables/disables the whole Team-Extensions
    Each command can be altered on our own need
    Code (Javascript):
      "Commands": {
        "chatCommandAllyChat": "a",
        "chatCommandClan": "clan",
        "chatCommandClanChat": "c",
        "chatCommandClanInfo": "cinfo",
        "chatCommandFF": "cff",
        "subCommandClanAlly": "ally",
        "subCommandClanHelp": "help"
    Console Commands:
    (all also working client-side)
    Their access from clientside depends on the config:
    Code (Javascript):
      "Permission": {
        "authLevelCreate": 2,
        "authLevelDisband": 2,
        "authLevelInvite": 1,
        "authLevelKick": 2,
        "authLevelPromoteDemote": 1,
        "authLevelRename": 1

    Code (Javascript):
      "WordFilter": {
        "Words": [

    Code (Javascript):
      "Purge": {
        "listPurgedClans": false, // true to list the purge results on load
        "notUpdatedSinceDays": 14, // delay to get purged with no recent activity
        "purgeOldClans": false, // true does enable the purge function
        "wipeClansOnNewSave": false // true does fully wipe on a new map/save

    Code (Javascript):
      "BetterChat": {
        "clanChatDenyOnMuted": false, // true does also block players for clan chat on mute by BC
        "clanTagClosing": "]", // the closing tag shown by BC
        "clanTagColorBetterChat": "#aaff55", // the color used by BC
        "clanTagOpening": "[", // the opening tag shown by BC
        "clanTagSizeBetterChat": 15 // the site used by BC
    Code (Javascript):
      "Formatting": {
        "broadcastMessageColor": "#e0e0e0",
        "broadcastPrefix": "(CLAN)",
        "broadcastPrefixAlly": "(ALLY)",
        "broadcastPrefixColor": "#a1ff46",
        "broadcastPrefixFormat": "<color={0}>{1}</color> ",
        "clanCouncilColor": "#b573ff",
        "clanMemberColor": "#fcf5cb",
        "clanModeratorColor": "#74c6ff",
        "clanOwnerColor": "#a1ff46",
        "clanServerColor": "#ff3333",
        "colorClanFFOff": "lime",
        "colorClanFFOn": "red",
        "colorClanNamesOverview": "#b2eece",
        "colorCmdUsage": "#ffd479",
        "colorTextMsg": "#e0e0e0",
        "consoleName": "ServerOwner",
        "pluginPrefix": "CLANS",
        "pluginPrefixColor": "orange",
        "pluginPrefixFormat": "<color={0}>{1}</color>: ",
        "pluginPrefixREBORNColor": "#ce422b",
        "pluginPrefixREBORNShow": true
    Code (Javascript):
      "Permission": {
        "authLevelClanInfo": 0, // accesslevel for claninfo
        "permGroupPrefix": "clan_", // the groups prefix, when clans shall manage automated groups
        "permissionToCreateClan": "clans.cancreate", // if enabled, the permission for clan creation
        "permissionToJoinClan": "clans.canjoin", // if enabled, the permission to join a clan
        "usePermGroups": false, // true does enable the group automation
        "usePermToCreateClan": false, // true does force to have permission to create a clan
        "usePermToJoinClan": false // true does force to have permission to join a clan
    Code (Javascript):
      "Settings": {
        "enableAllyFFOPtion": true, // true does extend friendlyfire protection to allied members
        "enableClanAllies": false, // true does enable ally functions
        "enableClanTagging": true, // true does enable clan tagging for displaynames
        "enableComesOnlineMsg": true, // true does inform a clan of members coming online
        "enableFFOPtion": true, // true does enable friendlyfire functions
        "enableWhoIsOnlineMsg": true, // true does list a player any other online members
        "enableWordFilter": true, // true does enable the clan creation wordfilter
        "forceAllyFFNoDeactivate": true, // true = friendlyfire cannot be disabled for allied members
        "forceClanFFNoDeactivate": false, // true = friendlyfire cannot be disabled for clan members
        "forceNametagsOnTagging": false // true will force-refresh nametag changes, when tagging is also used

    Plugin API - This plugins provides the following for other plugins to use:
    The plugin also calls the following simple hooks (no return behavior) on changes:
    The plugin also calls the following informational hooks (no return behavior) on changes:

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