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Deepwater Rig Event 1.0.20

Kick ass Oil Rig Water event with Heli, explosions and kick ass loot !!!

  1. 1.0.20

    Colon Blow
    - Fixed Null error for OnEntityDeath...hopefully.. lol
    - Fix for random spawn locations not being very random.. should be better
    - removed unneeded console message for Vector3 of spawned rigs
  2. 1.0.19

    Colon Blow
    - Fix for null reference errors.. Loot spawn was trying to spawn at floor grills that no longer exits.
    - Disabled Parenting offset for now until I add more features for it. But it was causing issues when TP'ing from the Rig to somewhere else.
    - Fix for Map markers showing in center of map.
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  3. 1.0.18

    Colon Blow
    ***** If you have any issues, delete config and data file and reload plugin ******

    - Recoded base entity of rig to not be the pumpjack. Now a storage box hidden in the pumpjack
    - Changed floor grills to standard floors (culling was causing them to be invisible)
    - Changed explosive barrels to small boxes and they are no longer visible. So now player do not know where the explosions will be exactly.
    - Recoded Antihack measures while player is on rig decks and...
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  4. 1.0.17

    Colon Blow
    - Minor correction to fix Zone manager flags/options not assigning properly.
  5. 1.0.16

    Colon Blow
    - Fixed coding issue with Event Rid Zone ID using the Local Rig Zone id.
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  6. 1.0.15

    Colon Blow
    **** Please Delete config file first . I added a lot of stuff for Zone manager integration *****

    - MAJOR ADDITION : Added Zone Manager integration to Auto spawn zones around rigs.
    BY DEFAULT, ONLY A ZONE ON ANY EVENT RIG IS SET TO TRUE TO SPAWN. And all it does is set the size to 50 and a short enter message.
    - Each type of Rig (Event, Compound, Random, Locally spawned) has its own config...
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  7. 1.0.14

    Colon Blow
    - Fixed Heli spawn location.. this time it should spawn over the rig and descend like it should.. lol
    - also fixed the position of the Compound Rig Vending Machine markers.. so they are enabled again.
    Compound Rigs still need some tweaking done for various things too.
    - Fixed possible player red error messages on screen for left over Rig collider not removing.
  8. 1.0.13

    Colon Blow
    - fixes for null reference errors for several things.
    - helicopter hack crate will properly destroy if the rig is destroyed.
    - fixed a few rig issues when rig does a pre ghost spawn at vector 0 before it spawns.
    - fixed helicopter spawning at vector 0 as well.
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  9. 1.0.12

    Colon Blow
    - fix for update
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  10. 1.0.11

    Colon Blow
    - Added Antihack checks when players are around the rig. This should help prevent the random player kicks for flyhack violations.. Test it out make sure it helps.. I did test it and you can now jump on top of the pump jack arm without issues as well.