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EventLoot v1.2.0

Create custom spawns for all types of loot boxes, with custom loot!

  1. v1.2.0

    Added new hooks and API calls (listed in the plugin description).
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  2. v1.1.9

    Fixed an issue which could cause items not to spawn in some containers.
  3. v1.1.8

    - Added filtering for the 'presentdrop' prefab
    - Fixed a bug which could cause some items to spawn at a higher position than the capacity of the crate.
  4. v1.1.7

    Added a Containers -> 'Destroy After Looting Delay' config option to add a delay before destroying a box (must have 'Destroy After Looting' set to true).
  5. v1.1.6

    - Set the capacity of a crate to the maximum number of items to be spawned
    - Added a 'RandomItems' editable field on ELoot Box options, this will randomly select a given number of items to spawn of out the total possible items assigned on the create. Thanks to @DeanoMax for the suggestion!
  6. v1.1.5

    Fix for the latest Rust/Oxide update (sorry this took so long).
  7. v1.1.4

    Fix for latest Rust version.

    Facepunch have updated all of the item ID's used in the game, which will break all of the items in the containers. You will see a message in console if the plugin attempts to spawn an item which doesn't exist, with the given ID of the offending box.
    To make this easier to fix, I have added a new '/eloot items' command, which will update the items of the box you're looking at, using the items in your main inventory.
  8. v1.1.3

    Now sets the OwnerID of a spawned crate to 0. This should improve functionality with plugins such as PreventLooting.
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  9. v1.1.1

    Fixed for the latest Oxide update.
  10. v1.1.0

    - Added a config option to toggle destroying the boxes after looting
    - Update the config scheme to a new version (it will auto-update on loading)
    - Removed the /eloot skinid command
    - Added /eloot info, which lists info about an ELoot box
    - Added /eloot edit, which allows you to edit certain settings of an ELoot box
    - Added broadcasted chat messages on looting of a box via /eloot edit (hint: use "{Player}" in your message to replace it with the looter's player name)
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