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HeliCommander 0.2.12

Fly the UH1Y or CH47 and fuck shit up

  1. 0.2.12

    Added command /buildhc to allow players to build helicopters for a item cost
    Added config options regarding the build command
    Added permissions to use the build command
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  2. 0.2.11

    Fixed console command using coordinates
  3. 0.2.10

    Fix for Rust update (slow asf rockets)
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  4. 0.2.9

    Fixed save argument not working in console command
    Fixed having either can spawn permission allowing you to spawn either helicopter
  5. 2.0.8

    Added chat command "/removehc" to remove an individual helicopter
    Added chat command "/clearhelis" to remove all helicopters
    Added console command "clearhelis" to remove all helicopters
    Added permission "helicommander.admin" which is required to use those chat commands
  6. 0.2.06

    This update requires Oxide version 2.0.3962 or higher!

    Updated for hook argument order change
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  7. 0.2.05

    Changed fuel management to allow for fractional usage amounts per second
    Added ability to save helicopters through plugin reloads and server restarts (See overview)
  8. 0.2.04

    Fixed being able to use weapons even when disabled
  9. 0.2.03

    Chat command permission fix
  10. 0.2.02

    Added repair options to both helicopters
    Added 3 second grace period of invincibility when spawning to prevent initial collision damage