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HomeRecycler 1.4.3

Allows to have Recycler at home with rates permissions

  1. 1.4.3

    - ops, fixed pickup
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  2. 1.4.2

    with last oxide update recycler hook is working correctly
    - added option for ability to change public recyclers rates, speed
    - fixes for some errors on startup with spawning in containers
    - reworked code for calculating resources from ingredients (if amount is less 1, its 50% chance u get it)
    - set adminSpawnsPublicRecycler to false by default
    - added ui for crafting (config option), imagelibrary needed
    - bugfix for pickup recycler with gui
  3. 1.4.0

    Big update
    - blacklist of items
    - can set itemname for replacement item (now changed from wooden box to research table)
    - added more stacking tracking (recomend to set trackStacking = false and set maxstackable for recyclerItemName is stacking controller to 1)
    - ability to destroy recycler
    - ability to repair recycler
    - UI displaying current HP if repair enabled
    - added UI for picking recycler
    - changed a bit scrap getting from items
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  4. 1.3.5

    - fixed rare error on low recycling rates
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  5. 1.3.4

    - edited work with stacking
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  6. 1.3.2

    - returning back to previous version, sorry, all ok from my side
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  7. 1.3.3

    - just added/fixed ExtendedStacks support with CanStack hook
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  8. 1.3.2

    - fix for rust update
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  9. 1.3.1

    - NEW ability - spawn recycler in loot containers, config option and probability chance to spawn in each container
    - now pickup can be disabled or allowed only for owner/friends
    - fix for speed not applied for permissions
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  10. 1.2.5

    - bugfix for hammer hit expl
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