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HomesGUI v1.3.9

A homes plugin with a fancy GUI!

  1. v1.3.9

    - Fixed buggyness when teleporting away from a water junk pile
    - Added "homesgui.resetdatafile" command
  2. v1.3.8

    - Updated the Homes GUI top bar so it now shows number of homes used and max homes
    - Fixed a bug which would update the players GameObject name
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  3. v1.3.7

    The data file is now saved on server (map) save.
  4. v1.3.6

    - Daily uses remaining will now show in the top left of the GUI (with the cost, if the daily uses has run out to 0 and this functionality is enabled)

    - Added 'homesgui.viewothershomes' permission, which will allow players (and admins) to view other players' homes via the command '/listhomes {name}'
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  5. v1.3.5

    Added a toggle in the GUI for deleting homes.
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  6. v1.3.4

    Added a new config option, SleepingBags -> Disable SetHome Command, to disable the /sethome command.
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  7. v1.3.3

    - Blocked players from teleporting from the hot air balloon
    - Added config options to enable/disable players teleporting from the cargoship and hot air balloon
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  8. v1.3.2

    Blocked teleporting whilst on the cargoship.
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  9. v1.3.1

    Added support for blocking homes set within a certain radius of another home. You can configure this via the 'MinimumHomeRadiusEnabled' and 'MinimumHomeRadiusDistance' config options.
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  10. v1.3.0

    Fixed a bug which caused the config option 'AllowTeleportIntoBuildBlock' to not function correctly.
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