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Lock-on Rockets 0.2.12

Aim at any entity and acquire target lock, then watch as your rockets follows its target

  1. Lock-on Rockets


    Video depicts the rockets being shot at a plane from the PlaneCrash plugin

    LockOn Rockets require a smoke rocket to be used as the ammo type!

    This plugin utilizes the smoke rocket. As it is not a item that players can usually get through loot it makes the perfect placeholder for this purpose.
    Simply use a plugin such as AlphaLoot or BetterLoot to insert the smoke rocket into your loot tables, then any smoke rocket that is picked up by a player can be used as a Lock-On Rocket!

    Do not worry, when the rocket detonates you wont be stuck with a never ending smoke cloud!

    /craft.lockon - Used to craft a lock-on rocket (if enabled in the config)

    lockonrockets.craft - Required to use the craft command

    Config Options:
    DetonationTime - The amount of time in seconds from when the rocket is fired until it detonates for being in the air for too long
    DisableRocketBeep - Disables the beeping sound effect when a lockon rocket is flying
    DisableSmokeEffects - Disable the purple smoke effects that follow the rocket
    HelicopterLockModifiers - Speed and damage modifiers for targeting a helicopter
    LockOnTypes - The types of entities you can lock on to
    RocketDamage - The base damage rate of lock on rockets
    RocketSpeed - The base speed of lock on rockets
    TimeToLockOn - The amount of time in seconds required to acquire target lock
    EnableCrafting - Allows players with permission to use the craft command
    CraftCost - The required items to craft a lockon rocket (item shortname / amount)

    Code (C#):

      "TimeToLockOn": 3.0,
      "DisableSmokeEffects": false,
      "DisableRocketBeep": false,
      "DetonationTime": 30.0,
      "RocketSpeed": 40.0,
      "RocketDamage": 300.0,
      "HelicopterLockModifiers": {
        "DamageModifier": 5.0,
        "SpeedModifier": 2.5
      "LockOnTypes": {
        "Animal": true,
        "Car": true,
        "Helicopter": true,
        "Loot": true,
        "Plane": true,
        "Player": true,
        "Resource": true,
        "Structure": true,
        "Tank": true
      "EnableCrafting": true,
      "CraftCost": [
          "Shortname": "ammo.rocket.basic",
          "Amount": 1
          "Shortname": "techparts",
          "Amount": 3
      "Version": {
        "Major": 0,
        "Minor": 2,
        "Patch": 5
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Recent Reviews

  1. htclemo
    Version: 0.2.10
    very nice plugin .. easy to use and my players love it
  2. michiel marcelis
    michiel marcelis
    Version: 0.2.10
    Been trying this on helicopter a coupel of times and works excellent, purchasing plane crashes soon to try this out too. Thank you very much for this plugin!!
  3. Pascal
    Version: 0.2.07
    Works as intended very nice.
  4. kurtk84
    Version: 0.2.01
    Very cool mod, works great.
  5. Matt McPhee
    Matt McPhee
    Version: 0.2.0
    Sometimes lock on is a bit buggy. Should really be a part of the plane crash plugin tbh.
  6. oхіјєή
    Version: 0.1.9
    works perfect! Thanks alot

    when hit heli does not show effects a damage? like fire / smoke
    While we see a damage appears when a hit Bradley.
    can fix it