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Patrol Boat for Rust 1.0.16

A driveable Patrol Boat for Rust

  1. 1.0.16

    Colon Blow
    - Fix for null errors with OnEntityDeath
    ** walking on boat while moving update it coming soon. it is not included on this update.
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  2. 1.0.15

    Colon Blow
    - Fix for players being able to pick up all deployable parts of the boat. lol

    and remember, There is no fix for part becoming invisible (culling) in the plugin anymore. It was too FPS intensive to try and counter the culling of parts. All players need to do is disable culling in there client F1 console with culling.toggle 0 or culling.toggle false
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  3. 1.0.14

    Colon Blow
    **** Delete config file first.. default ID for material has changed ******

    - fixed for Item id.. forgot about default config value for material to build.
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  4. 1.0.13

    Colon Blow
    - Fix for Rust update and Item Ids
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  5. 1.0.12

    Colon Blow
    - Added Garage Doors to front and back of cabin area.
    - Added Code Lock to back door. Which only controls the locking of the back door. So if players fall in the water, they can unlock back door to get into cabin to unlock Main code lock.
    - Front and Back code locks will sync codes on reboot/reload. will take code on front lock.
    - Front...
  6. 1.0.11

    Colon Blow
    *** Delete your config file first !!! Some of the config options have been changed ***

    Remember : Players will need to type culling.env 0 in there F1 console if they have issues with chairs becoming invisible sometimes. :)

    Removed a few things and added a few things to fix performance issues.
    - Removed culling fix coding. Was causing performance issues.
    - Removed Doors and ladder, will revisit as soon as I can get a...
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  7. 1.0.10

    Colon Blow
    - Fixed issue where fuel GUI would not go away when you dismounted from the Patrol boat.
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  8. 1.0.9

    Colon Blow
    **** If you have any issues, please delete your config file AND Language File and reload plugin ****
    - EDIT : Also added new config option for No fuel needed to run boats !!!!!
    - Added new permission - patrolboat.admin
    - Added new command /patrolboat.destroyall - this will remove ALL patrol boats on your server. You will need the patrolboat.admin permission to use this.
    - Autoturret will now Autoauthorize the builder of the boat...
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  9. 1.0.8

    Colon Blow
    - changed splash effect to the new rowboat effect
    - recoded a little bit for the culling issues. Seems to be much better after the last update. test it out and see.
    - added some coding tweaks and stuff..
    This does not convert patrol boat to work like the rowboat.. I will be seeing what I can and can't use from the rowboat to improve this boat soon !!!!
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  10. 1.0.7

    Colon Blow
    ** Please Delete config files and reload plugin is you have any issues **
    Patrol Boat - updated to Version 1.0.7

    - Added config options to turn off splash effect, effect is OFF By default. with large number of boats,, it could have a small impact on performance.
    - Added config options to allow ANY passenger. No permissions needed at all.
    - Added config options to allow ANY Pilot, No permissions needed at...
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