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Plane Crash 0.1.100

Call cargo planes that can be shot down by players to score loot

  1. 0.1.100

    Added config option to specify NPC names which are chosen at random when a NPC spawns
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  2. 0.1.99

    Added NPC despawn time to config
    Should fix NRE spam when using scientists as bots
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  3. 0.1.97

    Added config option to show explosion marker on in game map at crash site
  4. 0.1.96

    Fixed loot being destroyed when spawned
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  5. 0.1.95

    Should fix plane flying through the ground instead of exploding
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  6. 0.1.94

    Added a config option to disable collateral damage when crashing
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  7. 0.1.93

    Fix for recently exposed fields by Oxide
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  8. 0.1.92

    Fixed attacker message
    Stop planes crossing directly over the center of the map every time
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  9. 0.1.9

    Added config options to display message when a player shoots down the plane
    Added config options to spawn zombies or scientists at the crash site
  10. 0.1.8

    The config has changed! Backup your old config and delete it before updating

    Reworked config
    Added option to lock crates for a specified amount of time
    Added option to change how many rockets it take to bring down a plane
    Added options to show a marker on LustyMap depicting the crash site
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