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RadStorm 1.0.8

Dynamic radiation storm events

  1. 1.0.8

    • Fixed exempt permission
  2. 1.0.7

    • Fixed (hopefully all) the issues that would cause this plugin to crash the server
    • Decreased the outdoors / indoors detection time
  3. 1.0.6

    • Fixed decreasing messages being spammed
    • Fixed config file & lang file typos. I highly suggest generating a new config / lang file
  4. 1.0.5

    • Added support for GUIAnnouncements
    • Added more configuration in regards to announcements
    • Added the option for players to receive radiation based on their protection level (clothing)
    • Improved storm performance
    • Fixed damage scaling if rain amount is turned down
  5. 1.0.4

    • Added config options for rain / wind / fog
    • Added automatic toggling of server.radiation for servers with it disabled
    • Fixed sleeper outside detection
  6. 1.0.3

    • Fixed configurable radiation amount
    • Added the option to change how long it takes for the storm to build to full strength (shortening this will make the transition less smooth)
  7. 1.0.2

    • Fixed errors when hurting sleepers
  8. 1.0.1

    • Fixed a few small issues and errors
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