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Rafts for Rust 1.0.26

Add driveable Watercraft to your Game.. New Bonus Viking Boat !!!

  1. 1.0.26

    Colon Blow
    RAFT plugin updated to 1.0.26
    *** If you have any issues, Please delete your Config file and reload Plugin ***

    - Removed Barrels under raft and lowered raft to the water level. Barrels where going invisible and I could not find a good replacement.
    - New Feature !!! Players can now WALK ON THE DECK while the boat is moving by default....
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  2. 1.0.25

    Colon Blow
    Raft Updated to 1.0.25
    - fixed issue where players could pickup parts with a hammer in active slot

    Viking Boat updated to 1.0.8
    - fixed issue where players could pickup parts with a hammer in active slot
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  3. 1.0.24

    Colon Blow
    Forgot to add bundle with Viking Boat.
    Raft 1.0.24 - Fix for item ids
    Viking Boat 1.0.7 - You will need to Detele Config and reload plugin.
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  4. 1.0.24

    Colon Blow
    - Fixed more Items IDs. missed a couple, sorry. now the raft should be able to be built ok.
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  5. 1.0.23

    Colon Blow
    - update to Raft for item id issue for refund of scrapping boat.
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  6. 1.0.22

    Colon Blow
    Raft Updated to 1.0.22
    *** If you have any issues, delete your config file and reload plugin ***

    Performance and bug fixes.
    - Removed all Culling fix coding. Players will have to toggle there client culling manually if they don't like the chairs / parts going invisible at times by going to F1 then type culling.env 0.
    - Added note to /raft help about culling.env 0 to fix invisible parts.
    - Removed Mounting...
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  7. 1.0.21

    Colon Blow
    ** Please Delete Both Raft and Viking Boat config files and reload plugin is you have any issues **
    Rafts for Rust - Updated to Version 1.0.21

    - Added config options to turn off splash effect, effect is OFF By default. with large number of rafts,, it could have a small impact on performance.
    - Added config options to allow ANY passenger. No permissions needed at all.
    - Added config options to allow ANY Pilot, No permissions...
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  8. 1.0.20

    Colon Blow
    Raft Update : Version 1.0.20
    - Fixed issue with /raft.destroy giving player back a TON of wood multiple times.
    - Changed the /raft help text on the wood refunded to reflect the configuration value for refund of scrapping raft, not just 5000.
    - Tweaked a few things on how the raft saves data after they are destroyed or scrapped.

    Viking Boat : No Changes
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  9. 1.0.19

    Colon Blow
    Raft Version - Updated to 1.0.19
    *** Due to config file addition, if you have any issues. Please delete config and reload plugin ***

    - Added option to allow any player to be a passenger. (perms not needed) default is true.
    - Added Raft builders OwnerID to all parts on Raft. Useful for other plugins that might Check OwnerID of something on the Raft.
    - Fixed issue where players using SetSail mode not...
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  10. 1.0.18

    Colon Blow
    Raft Version - Updated to 1.0.18
    - Fixed the Random Deep Ocean Loot spawn to actually spawn more than 1 time. Seems to work better now.
    - Added Common Loot Rad Town Loot crates to the Random Deep Ocean Loot spawn. Loot in these can be modified using Alpha Loot plugin for the standard loot crates of Basic, Elite, Mine, Normal and Normal 2 loot spawns.
    - Added config options to change the prefab for each Loot crates. There are 5 in total.
    - Added...
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