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Rideable Horses 3.0.1

Allows players to mount and ride animals

  1. 3.0.1

    Reduced turning speed so you can't spin around really fast
    When dismounting a animal they will stay there for 30 seconds before running away
    Amount of time a animal will stay stopped when using /stop command is now in the config

    Added command "/spawnhorse <type>" to allow players to spawn the animal
    Added permission "tsunhorse.spawnhorse" to use the spawn command
    Added stored cooldowns for /stop and /spawnhorse, with configurable times in the config
    Added config options to make stopped...
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  2. 3.0.0

    This re-write should mostly fix issues mentioned in the support thread. There are still some, lets say quirks, for instance;
    - Animals will not navigate off the nav mesh
    - If you try riding in to a section where there is no nav mesh the animal will just turn away from it.
    - If you try riding somewhere where you shouldn't be going (in to a rock, in to a base) the animal will turn away from it
    - Some times certain animals decide to randomly change direction
    - Chickens like to run by themselves...
  3. 2.0.5/1.5.1

    i didn't realize this, but you can't download older versions of plugins on here even as a developer... I've bundled the working version. The 2.0 version is still broken It worked the week i put it out then some update happened to ai and it got messed up nothing i've done since fixes it. Use the older version inside the zip 1.5.1.
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  4. 2.0.5

    Smoother movement update to 2.0
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  5. 2.0.0

    I have rewritten a large portion of the movement script and it should have fixed many bugs. Please post in the thread if anything is buggy
    Also a and d no longer rotate you the horse follows where you are aiming.
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  6. 1.5.1

    fixed typo
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  7. 1.5

    Fixed parenting issues causing the player to be in the floor
    attempted to fix players getting on the same mount should work, but i could be wrong :p
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  8. 1.4.1

    I made a mistake when i was testing something fixed
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  9. 1.4.0

    Bug fixes
    Sorry for the lack of updates. It's been hard to balance time lately. Also i need to rewrite a good portion to fix the radtown bugs...
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  10. 1.3.0

    Should you update: Yes bug fixes
    Fixed a couple bugs involving the chair despawning
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