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SecurityCameras 0.2.23

Deploy security cameras around your base and view them by accessing a RustNET terminal

  1. SecurityCameras

    Deploy security cameras around your base and view them by accessing a RustNET terminal

    Public camera placement and registration to a public terminal

    - Non-public security cameras are linked to the terminal via the base. Any camera on the base will be assigned to that terminal
    - Non-public cameras can only be placed on building blocks
    - Public security cameras must be placed using the target terminals ID number.
    - Public cameras can be placed anywhere
    - Players can cycle through available cameras by pressing JUMP or DUCK
    - If the terminal is destroyed whilst a player is using it they will exit the controller
    - Camera placement and controller access requires the user to be authorized on the TC

    Chat Commands
    /sc - Shows the help menu
    /sc add - Activates the camera placement tool. (Requires a camera in the users hands)
    /sc add public <terminal ID> - Activates the camera placement tool. (Requires a camera in the users hands)
    /sc name <name> - Set a name for the camera you are looking at which will be displayed in the RustNET console and UI overlay when controlling the camera
    /sc remove - Removes the camera you are looking at

    securitycameras.use - Required to use any element of this plugin
    securitycameras.ignorelimit - Ignore the max limit of cameras per base
    securitycameras.public - Allows you to place public cameras

    Code (C#):

      "Camera Options": {
        "Allow friends and clan members to place/remove cameras": false,
        "Require building privilege to place/remove cameras": false,
        "Maximum allowed cameras per base (Permission | Amount)": {
          "securitycameras.use": 4,
          "securitycameras.pro": 10
        "Camera placement and removal distance": 4,
        "Display camera overlay UI": true,
        "Camera overlay image URL": "http://www.chaoscode.io/oxide/Images/RustNET/camera.png",
        "Camera icon URL for RustNET menu": "http://www.chaoscode.io/oxide/Images/RustNET/cameraicon.png"
      "Version": {
        "Major": 0,
        "Minor": 2,
        "Patch": 10
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Recent Reviews

  1. thesack
    Version: 0.2.21
    love this mod!!! great work
  2. MoWeR
    Version: 0.2.21
    a must,players love it
  3. comolev
    Version: 0.2.20
    BAG - GODMOD player
  4. DeSync
    Version: 0.2.20
    Worked great but it seems to not load the security camera mod sometimes, i can get the text chat help commands but no action from the bot to place or use cameras, it worked for a moment about half an hour ago but no idea how
  5. Trilby Mctip
    Trilby Mctip
    Version: 0.2.16
    This was an instant favourite.
  6. JagerSeph
    Version: 0.2.16
    Yeah This give players a heads up while defending! Loved it!!!
  7. gormie
    Version: 0.2.14
    This is so fun! Never need to leave my base now! Thanks for a great plugin and the players have made many alternatives entertainment show with them! Superb!
  8. Bradford Yingling
    Bradford Yingling
    Version: 0.2.13
    Amazing plugin, definitely recommended.
  9. rees.e
    Version: 0.2.13
    yeah its fun :)
  10. Veselin Bogdanov
    Veselin Bogdanov
    Version: 0.2.11
    I give this plugin 5 stars and like new public update but real rating is 4 stars because when place laptop and camera in radtown to make cool system and enter in camera radiation rises (like i am naked without suit) and at all cant use public feature. I hope soon there will be update with hotfix.