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Sinkable CargoShip 0.1.2

Sink the cargo ship by placing timed explosives at designated areas

  1. Sinkable CargoShip

    A event for players where they can sink the cargo ship by placing timed explosives at designated areas around the ship.
    Once all the required explosives are placed players on board have a certain amount of time to get off the ship before it explodes and sinks.
    When the ship has sunk all the loot that was on board floats up to the surface of the water

    - This mini-event applies to all cargo ships that are spawned
    - There are currently 12 locations on the ship for explosive placement, which are selected at random when the ship spawns
    - Choose how many explosives are required to sink the ship, and how long players have to escape
    - There are no commands or permissions for this plugin at this stage

    Code (C#):
      "Explosive Options": {
        "Amount of explosives required to sink the ship": 3,
        "Amount of time from which all explosives are placed until they detonate (seconds)": 30
      "Version": {
        "Major": 0,
        "Minor": 1,
        "Patch": 0

Recent Updates

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  2. 0.1.1

Recent Reviews

  1. michiel marcelis
    michiel marcelis
    Version: 0.1.0
    This is amazing, excited to see this get more effects!
  2. Brad Williams
    Brad Williams
    Version: 0.1.0
    Awesome plugin. this is going to be very fun