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SkinBox 1.13.7

SkinBox is a plugin to convert any skinnable item into each skin variant

  1. SkinBox

    SkinBox can convert any skinnable item into each skin variant loaded by the plugin
    The plugin can also include any specific WorkshopSkin by a simple command
    The plugin features are the following:
    • Usage of any available Workshop skin
    • Fill up skins automatically per each item based on skin trending days
    • Item duping protection
    • Ammo duping protection
    • ItemMod duping protection
    • Items will have the same condition like the original
    • ItemMods will have the same condition like the originals
    • Ammo will have the same amount like the original
    • AmmoTypes will be the same like the original
    • ItemMods cannot be taken out of slots or put into slots
    • Closing the box without taking out an created item will give back the first created item
    The specific functions are detailed shown in this video:

    In this demo, the shown skins were already downloaded on the client. Also, random thumbnails were not loaded from the workshop, that's a client issue.
    The server does'nt load any skins by this plugin, the server holds and provides only the skinnumbers for the clients.

    Chat command:
    /skinbox - opens the box (command can be changed by config)
    To use this command any player (also admins) need to be granted for the default permission

    Console commands:
    • skinbox.addskin 820574348 (one only)
    • skinbox.addskin 820574348 820610731 (two at once, or more)
    • skinbox.removeskin 820574348 (one only)
    • skinbox.removeskin 820574348 820610731 (two at once, or more)
    How to get these numbers:
    Open the WorkShop by your preferred Browser and click-open any skin.
    In the URL you find a number. This number you need to add new skins


    • skinbox.addcollection 659627304
    This can add a complete skin collection by the collection-id to the maunal added skin list.
    This needs a valid steam-API key inside the config. Get this key there: https://steamcommunity.com/dev/apikey


    • skinbox.addexcluded 820574348 (one only)
    • skinbox.addexcluded 820574348 820610731 (two at once, or more)
    This does prevent all added skins from being available to the players, except for players with the defined authLevel.


    • skinbox.removeskin 820574348 (one only)
    • skinbox.removeskin 820574348 820610731 (two at once, or more)

    Example result after adding more skins:

    View attachment 39

    Information to WorkShop downloads:
    All skins which are not already loaded by each players client need to be downloaded after they opened an inventory with skins they don't have yet loaded. Until these skins aren't loaded, players see these only as white squares. The loading progress is controlled by the steam workshop-download in the background. These downloads depend on each players setting and their download speed. You might nedd to inform them about those requirements on any questions about this.

    Config options explained:

    • useApprovedSkins: true/false
      To include approved workshop skins and also
    • usedRankedByTrendDays: 3-30
      used ranking days for option useWebskinsRankedByTrend
    • useInbuiltSkins: true/false
      To include already inbuilt skins which not need to be downloaded
    • useManualAddedSkins: true/false
      To include also manual added skins on startup
      useWebskinsRankedByTrend: true/false
    • To fill up the skins for each item up to 30 skins by their workshop ranking
    • activateAfterSkinTaken: true/false
      would close the SkinBox after a re-skinned item other then the input was taken out
    • cooldownBox: number in seconds
      timer until the SkinBox could be opened again
    • cooldownOverrideAdmin: true/false
      Would override the timers for admins
    • enableCooldown: true/false
      To enable any cooldown-features
    • enableCustomPerms: true/false
      To enable any custom permissions
    • permCustomDeployable: skinbox.deployable
      Needed permision to put in any deployables
    • permCustomPlayerwearable: skinbox.playerwearable
      Needed permision to put in any clothes/attire
    • permCustomWeapon: skinbox.weapon
      Needed permision to put in any weapons/tools
    • boxUseDistance: 10.0
      Minimum needed distance between each player to use the box
    • exludedSkinsAuthLevel : 2
      Needed authLevel to see also excluded skins
    • forceClientAlways: true/false
      To force the client skin preload function on every login, needs forceClientPreload to be true also
    • forceClientPreload: true/false
      To force the client do download all into plugin loaded skins once per and at login while server/plugin-runtime
    • forceAlsoWearables: true/false
      To force also the the download of attire skins while login
      needs forceClientPreload to be true also
    • permissionUse: skinbox.use
      The general needed permission for all players to use the plugin
    • showLoadedSkinCounts: true/false
      To log output to console how much skins are loaded
    • skinBoxCommand: skinbox
      The used chatcommand to open the SkinBox
    • hideQuickSort: true/false
      Will prevent Quicksort from being aviable when using the Skinbox (prevents some duping)
    • steamApiKey: your api key as text
      Needed for the command addcollection
    • SkinList: {}
      This will be filled up by skinlist per item by manual added skins from the console commands

      • costBoxOpen: 5
        money needed for open/use the Box
      • costDeployable: 10
        Nmoney needed to skin deployables
      • costExcludeAdmins: true/false
        EXclude admins from cost or not
      • costPlayerwearable: 20
        Money needed to skin wearables
      • costWeapon: 30
        Money needed to skin weapons/tools
      • enableUsageCost: true/false
        Enable or disable the cost system
      • useEconomics: true/false
        To use Economics
      • useServerRewards: true/false
        To use ServerRewards
    Default config example:
    Code (Javascript):
      "AvailableSkins": {
        "MissingSkinNames": {
          "chair": "Chair",
          "fridge": "Fridge",
          "mask.bandana": "Bandana",
          "rug": "Rug",
          "rug.bear": "Bearskin Rug",
          "table": "Table"
        "useApprovedSkins": true,
        "usedRankedByTrendDays": 30,
        "useInbuiltSkins": true,
        "useManualAddedSkins": true,
        "useWebskinsRankedByTrend": false
      "Cooldown": {
        "activateAfterSkinTaken": true,
        "cooldownBox": 60,
        "cooldownOverrideAdmin": true,
        "enableCooldown": false
      "CustomPermissions": {
        "enableCustomPerms": false,
        "permCustomDeployable": "skinbox.deployable",
        "permCustomPlayerwearable": "skinbox.playerwearable",
        "permCustomWeapon": "skinbox.weapon"
      "Settings": {
        "boxUseDistance": 10.0,
        "exludedSkinsAuthLevel": 2,
        "forceAlsoWearables": true,
        "forceClientAlways": false,
        "forceClientPreload": false,
        "hideQuickSort": false,
        "permissionUse": "skinbox.use",
        "showLoadedSkinCounts": true,
        "skinBoxCommand": "skinbox",
        "steamApiKey": ""
      "SkinsAdded": {
        "SkinList": {}
      "SkinsExcluded": {
        "SkinList": []
      "UsageCost": {
        "costBoxOpen": 5,
        "costDeployable": 10,
        "costExcludeAdmins": true,
        "costPlayerwearable": 20,
        "costWeapon": 30,
        "enableUsageCost": false,
        "useEconomics": false,
        "useServerRewards": true
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