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SkinBox 1.13.7

SkinBox is a plugin to convert any skinnable item into each skin variant

  1. 1.13.7

    • Fix for "last row" of recent changed box-lootpanel.
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  2. 1.13.6

    • Changed the box's lootpanel to the bigger version with 42 instead of 36 possible slots.
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  3. 1.13.5

    • This patch should make sure to show skins for lr300 on any configuration
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  4. 1.13.4

    • Fixed attachments not being moved to inventory when added to the box
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  5. 1.13.3

    • Does extract item-contents (like fuel) when a skinnalbe Item got added to the box.
      Example: Miners Hat = 10x LGF
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  6. 1.13.2

    • Internal "field" accessmodifier change by other developer request
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  7. 1.13.1

    • Slight modification to the workshop-calls to prevent maybe "zero-skinnalbe-items"
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  8. 1.13.0

    • Code cleanup
    • Changed: usedThreadsGetRanked => usedConnectionsToWorkshop
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  9. 1.12.8

    Put your pants up in the air
    Put your pants up
    in the air...
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  10. 1.12.7

    • Patch-Fix
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