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SpawnControl 1.6.4

Provides complete control over the population of animals, ore's, tree's, junkpiles and all others

  1. 1.6.4

    • Added the global "fillAtEveryStartup" variable (default: true)
      This does force the server, when true, to fill up any resource-types on every server startup.

      This does prevent the server, when false, from filling up the server with resources. Also valid at a wipe. The server will then fill up resources by time with each tick.

    • Usually the server does only fully fill at startups when no map-sav was found (=wiped).
  2. 1.6.3

    • Added an error prevention on "fillgroups" and "killgroups" commands;
      Prevents an NRE which could stop the whole spawnhandler tick functions (=no respawns)
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  3. 1.6.2

    • PatchFix
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  4. 1.6.1

    • Fixed a bug at resource respawns (not respawning anymore) after using plugin commands.
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  5. 1.6.0

    • Finished the missing parts from 1.5.0
    • Extended the command-list, changed also some names again
    • Added Topology "spawnFilters" for spawnpopulations to change their spawnlocation behaviours (last 3 cmds of overview are there for this) @Corrosive was the beta-tester :p
  6. 1.5.0

    DELETE your config BEFORE updating the plugin
    • This version does extend now also any monument SpawnGroup to be manageable like the SpawnPopulations
    • This update does also change a lot of the population config settings. Thats why you need to delete before
    • Commands have also changed. See be sc.cmds the current list
    • You can preview a full config of a 4k map in that...
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  7. 1.4.1

    • Made 2 options obsolete; being default enabled functions from now on:
      Code (Text):
    • Made the population-name filter on commands more exact.
      This will now differentiate between examples like
      when the word was only junkpiles, when junkpiles is a valid population, and will act then only on junkpiles.
      The word junkpile would still include all similar one's, like described...
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  8. 1.4.0

    • Major code-cleanup
    • Coroutines optimization
    • Prepared for full SpawnGroups(=Monument)-management expansion
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  9. 1.3.9

    • Fixed "SpawnGroupLoad" NRE
      SpawnGroups can now also have the value "Infinity" inside the config. This means, these have no common respawn timer (and plz don't ask me why; i got not any idea)
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  10. 1.3.8

    • PatchFix for very-rare NRE
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