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TeleportGUI v1.7.3

A teleport plugin with a fancy GUI!

  1. TeleportGUI

    TeleportGUI is just like your average TP plugin, except with an easy to use GUI.

    It has a smaller GUI for smaller servers, which shows up to 25 players.

    It also has a larger, paged UI, which shows up to 100 players per page.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    TeleportGUI is also just like other TP plugins, if you're not a fan of UI's, you can still use the typical /tpr, /tpa, etc, commands.

    - Supports key bind for toggling the GUI
    - Full permission system, with configurable cooldowns for different permissions
    - Admin bypass and admin silent teleport, which allows admins to teleport without requests and optionally without telling the other player
    - Full language support
    - Supports alias commands for opening the GUI
    - Configurable time before teleport (after request is accepted, before the player is teleported)
    - Saves players' cooldowns between reloads/restarts
    - Supports both Economy and Server Rewards
    - Blocks teleporting if crafting, bleeding, not in building privilege zone
    - Support with plugins like raidblocker, so players will be unable to teleport if they are being raided
    - Blocks teleport upon taking damage

    - /tp - opens the tp GUI
    - /tp {x} {y} {z} - teleports to co-ords (admin only)
    - /tpr {player} - sends a tp request to {player}
    - /tpa - accepts the incoming tp request
    - /tpd - denies the incoming tp request
    - /tpc - cancels the teleport
    - /tpb - teleports you back
    - /tphere - teleports someone to you

    - teleportgui.use - used for most functions, you'll probably want to give this to all the players you want to let teleport
    - teleportgui.tpback - access to the /tpb command
    - teleportgui.tphere - access to the /tphere command
    - teleportgui.tpcancel - access to the /tpcancel command. You may also want to give this to everyone
    - teleportgui.sleepers - access to the sleepers menu. Keep this to admins as it's instant (there is no 'request')


    - PrefixEnabled - Enable/disable the 'TP: ' prefix in chat messages
    - PrefixText - Modify the 'TP: ' chat prefix
    - DefaultTimeUntilTeleport - The default time after accepting a TP request until someone teleports
    - TimeUntilTeleport - Permissions dictating the time until teleport for different users/groups
    - TPComandAliases - Aliases to assign to the /tp command
    - RequestTimeoutTime - The amount of time before a players' request times out
    - DefaultCooldown - The default cooldown after teleporting
    - Cooldowns - Permissions dictating the cooldown time for different users/groups
    - DefaultDailyLimit - The default daily limit for teleports per day
    - DailyLimit - Permissions dictating the daily limit for different users/groups
    - AdminTPSilent - Send the recipient of an Admin TP a chat message when they are teleported to
    - AdminTPEnabled - Allow instant teleportation for server admins
    - AllowTeleportWhilstBleeding - Allow players to teleport while they're bleeding
    - AllowTeleportToBuildBlockedPlayer - Allow teleporting to a player that is building blocked
    - AllowTeleportFromBuildBlock - Allow teleporting out of a building blocked zone
    - UseEconomicsPlugin - Enable/disable Economics plugin functionality (charging for teleports)
    - EconomicsPrice - The price to charge a player per teleportation
    - UseServerRewardsPlugin - Enable/disable ServerRewards plugin functionality (charging for teleports)
    - ServerRewardsPrice - The price to charge a player per teleportation
    - BlockTPCrafting - Block a player from teleporting if they're crafting
    - AllowSpecialCharacters - Allow showing of special characters in player names on the TP GUI
    - CancelTeleportOnDamage - Cancel teleporting if the player takes damage whilst teleporting
    - CanTeleportIntoZone - Allow teleporting into a ZoneManager zone with 'notp' flag set
    - CanTeleportFromZone - Allow teleporting out of a ZoneManager zone with the 'notp' flag set

    Please leave a comment if you have any requests, bug reports, or questions about the plugin.
    For inquiries please email me at bensparkes8@gmail.com.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Pascal
    Version: v1.7.3
    Fast updates, No problems Just good
  2. Black_demon6
    Version: v1.6.6
    The ultimate TP plugin, works just fine and let you do wathever you want ! ++
  3. VGRust
    Version: v1.6.5
    Brilliant plugin. However Admins can't seem to TP while vanished...
  4. 2high
    Version: v1.6.3
    Great Plugin. Ty
  5. htclemo
    Version: v1.6.2
    very nice plugin .. easy to use and my players love it
  6. MachinalInstinct
    Version: v1.6.2
    Great Plugin! Works as described, together with HomesGUI is a superior replacement to NTeleportation
  7. MachinalInstinct
    Version: v1.5.5
    Plugin works fairly well, GUI overlay is a nice feature for sending teleport requests to players with strange symbols in their names. Poor rating due to lack of developer feedback to reports about bugs or broken important features
    1. PsychoTea
      Author's Response
      I already try and keep on top of bugs and issues people are having. What issues are you having with the plugin?
  8. jay.k.creep
    Version: v1.5.4
    Have Both TeleportGUI and HomesGui Both Great Plugs Comes With Some Good Options For Admins And Setting Restrictions
    1. PsychoTea
      Author's Response
      Thankyou :)
  9. Samshoun
    Version: v1.5.2
    If you don't want to have any actual acknowledgement/support, purchase this.
    1. PsychoTea
      Author's Response
      Sorry to hear this, are you having any issues with the plugin? If so please make a post on the support page or PM me - I haven't seen a post from you on the support page.
  10. Corrosive
    Version: v1.2.0
    Great plugin but needs /town support. I have to keep nteleportation loaded for now solely for that function :(
    1. PsychoTea
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! The functionality you're looking for is in my other plugin, WarpsGUI.