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TeleportGUI v1.7.3

A teleport plugin with a fancy GUI!

  1. v1.7.3

    Addresses the RequestTimeOut NRE bug.
  2. v1.7.2

    - Fixed the "teleportgui.autoteleport" permission not existing
    - You can now specify a user ID when using the /tpr (and similar) command(s).
  3. v1.7.1

    - Moved all the settings toggles in the top of the UI into a separate "settings" menu
    - Added an option for TP auto-accept (permission: "teleportgui.autoaccept")
    - Added a config option ("AllowAutoAcceptOnHereTPs") to disable auto-accept on here TP's (default: false)
    - Show the small UI for sleepers if there are less than or equal to 25 sleepers on the server (previously it would always show the large UI)
    - (hopefully) finally fixed the "RequestTimeOut" null reference exception error
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  4. v1.7.0

    Now shows player names when multiple players were found with the matching name.
    Important: you will need to delete your lang file or update the "MultiplePlayersFound" message with the following before installing this update: "Multiple players were found with the name {0}: {1}"
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  5. v1.6.9

    Fixed a bug which would prevent the cost text from appearing on the large scale UI.
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  6. v1.6.8

    - Fixed an issue which could cause players to be refunded Economics / ServerRewards cost even if they were not originally charged (thanks for the report @Bloody Mikey)
    - Added a 'Daily Limit Remaining' counter in the top left of the GUI (thanks again for the suggestion @Bloody Mikey)
    - Added some additional error checking to try and combat 'NullReferenceException' errors
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  7. v1.6.7

    Fixed an issue which could cause intermittent 'key already exists in dictionary' errors on teleport. Thanks for the report @Treythan.
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  8. v1.6.6

    - Added checks for teleporting to/from the hot air balloon
    - Added config options to allow players to teleport from the hot air balloon and cargo ship
    - Fixed a bug which could allow players to teleport from a build blocked zone if they sent the teleport request before entering the zone
    - Added a config option to block players from teleporting to a raid blocked player
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  9. v1.6.5

    - Renamed /tpahere to /tprhere
    - Updated the chat messages to reflect this new change
    - /tprhere (and 'Here' in the GUI) now supports instant teleportation for admins (as it used to)
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  10. v1.6.4

    Fixed an issue which cause a player to infinitely teleport in a loop under extremely rare circumstances.
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