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TreasureBox 0.2.63

A random treasure chest mini event

  1. 0.2.63

    Added optional argument "forced" to chat commands /th start and /th starthere and the console command th start which will start the event regardless of whether there is enough players online
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  2. 0.2.62

    Fixed zone radius not taking affect
    Added config option to keep the box locked until all NPCs have been killed
    +1 to NPC IQ
  3. 0.2.60

    Fixed incorrect blueprint ID
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  4. 0.2.59

    Added map marker color override per loot table
    Added support for blueprints, use ".bp" after the item name in config
    Added "th unlock" console command to unlock the treasure box
  5. 0.2.56

    Fix for changes the map grid
  6. 0.2.55

    This update will change your loot settings in your config. Backup your config before proceeding!

    Added support for multiple loot lists. A loot list will be randomly selected when the event starts
    Added config option to display grid reference instead of co-ordinates to UI and chat
    Added config option to adjust NPC accuracy
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  7. 0.2.49

    Fix CanBuild NRE
  8. 0.2.48

    Changed CanBuild hook as per changes from Oxide
  9. 0.2.47

    Changed CanBuild method until hook overloading is fixed
    Added config option 'Allow bots to drop loot when killed' to enable/disable loot drops for bots
  10. 0.2.45

    Removed TC spawning
    Fixed bots trying to claim kits that dont exist
    Changed ZoneManager Option section of the config
    Added config options to disable building and deployable placement within a specified range
    ** "Radius of the event zone" is now the radius in which building will be disabled, and it also is the radius of the generated ZoneManager zone if you use it