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UpLiftEd 1.2.8

Aim High, Lift Up, Calm down! Fast-Travel inside your buildings with comfortable Lifts.

  1. 1.2.8

    • Gave the lift creation panel a minimum width to get an always full visible resources list:
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  2. 1.2.7

    • Adjusted the cabin floorletters displaying to use plain letters on cases with builds greater than floor 20.
    • Adjusted also for those cases the placement CUI. The CUI width does now resize automatically to be able t read and click all floor selection options.
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  3. 1.2.6

    • Added the functionality to build-up fully above a lift installation.
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  4. 1.2.5

    • Added (by request) two new global config values:
      (Both checks will be ignored in "liftadmin"-mode)
      Code (Text):
        "AbuseControl": {
          "PreventPlacementAboveDeployables": true, // prevents placement when there's something place above the ground block (like a TC)
          "PreventPlacementInCaves": true, // prevents placements inside of caves
    • Changed the code to allow free movement inside while the cabin does move
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  5. 1.2.4

    • Corrected the resourceID for the CCUpdateChecker
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  6. 1.2.3

    • This patch does forcefully remove "inside of the cabin died" players from the cabin's internal passengerlist, which is used to move players "jitter"-free with the cabin.
    • This will also prevent people from being moved on the outside of the lift on next usage.
    • This should also prevent people from being kicked by flyhack or any other anticheat reasons in result of thier lift-usage.
  7. 1.2.2

    • Added compatibility for servers running with:
      Code (Text):
      server.stability false
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  8. 1.2.1

    • Fix for NRE at OnMeleeAttack
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  9. 1.2.0

    • Lift-towers can now be upgraded to TopTier
    • Cabins got added a CodeLock inside to acccess the "UseLift" function also after the walls have been upgraded (This access would blocked otherwise)
    • TunaLights were replaced by CardReaders;

      This enable's a 3 way colored info about the door and lift-call status.
      This enables also again to connect any buildingblock on the right side of the doors (the Tunalight...
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  10. 1.1.13

    • Adjusted the check that displays the "Too close by another installed lift" message;
      This does now also prevent tilted lift installations beside another to prevent players from abusing the lift as indestructible base-defense;
      This check is not active while in liftadmin-mode