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ZombieHorde 0.1.14

Create hordes of zombies that roam around your server looking for brains

  1. 0.1.14

    Fixed zombies not being targeted by turrets when enabled in config
    Added support to drop multiple loot types (Kit + Random, Default + Random, etc)
    Added config option to set custom names, leave empty to use default names
  2. 0.1.13

    Fixed rock check blocking most spawn points
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  3. 0.1.12

    Possibly stop rock spawns?
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  4. 0.1.11

    Should stop NPCs spawning in stupid places... maybe?
  5. 0.1.10

    Added permission zombiehorde.ignore to make the NPC's ignore players
  6. 0.1.9

    Additional null checks in OnNpcPlayerTarget
    Fixed info command showing 1 horde when there are none
  7. 0.1.8

    Added config option for murderer speed modifier. Use at your own risk, AI behaviour gets weird when increasing their speed. I recommend using a small value like 0.5 or less
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  8. 0.1.7

    Ignore spawn limits when creating hordes manually with commands
    Additional null checks when creating a horde member
  9. 0.1.6

    Added 3 options for loot dropped on death - Default which is the default loot spawns, Random which is randomly selected from a list of items you specify in the config, or Kit which drops the kit applied to that zombie with the amount and condition of each item randomised.
    Additional checks for a null NavMeshAgent
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  10. 0.1.5

    Added support for local roaming applied to all auto-spawned hordes
    Added support for monument spawned hordes with separate local roaming options (this takes priority over random spawned hordes)
    Added distance arguments to commands to manually spawn a horde that can only roam locally