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FurnaceSorter v1.2.4

An easy to use Furnace Sorting Tool, automatically evening out stacks

  1. v1.2.4

    Improved handling of the OnFindBurnable function. Should be a little less performance heavy now.
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  2. v1.2.3

    I've reverted the plugin to using the CanAcceptItem hook instead of CanMoveItem. This should fix the issues with StacksExtended and any duping issues you were experiencing. Sorry for any inconvenience!
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  3. v1.2.2

    - Fixed middle click drag not sorting all items
    - Added 'Total Fuel Required' to the UI
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  4. v1.2.1

    Left a debug message in ("OnLootEntity"). Sorry!!
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  5. v1.2.0

    - Sorting whilst the furnace is burning is now allowed
    - The UI now shows the time remaining on the furnace to finish smelting
    - On the UI there is now an option for the number of stacks of a specific item you want to split between
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  6. v1.1.4

    Added a new config option 'EnabledByDefault' to enable FurnaceSorter by default.
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  7. v1.1.3

    I've flipped the colours on the UI buttons to try and make it less confusing for players. When the sorter is enabled, the button background colour will be green rather than red. This also applies to the AutoFuel button.
    The AutoFuel toggle is also now enabled by default when you enable the sorter.
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  8. v1.1.2

    Fixed an issue which could cause some items to disappear when a furnace was almost full.
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  9. v1.1.1

    Fixed the NRE bug when using AutoFuel and no fuel was available in the players' inventory to transfer.
  10. v1.1.0

    Added AutoWood/AutoFuel functionality (you can toggle this on via the GUI button).

    Improved the splitting functionality so the remainder of items is now spread over all stacks rather than just the first.