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WarpsGUI v1.1.4

A warps plugin with a fancy GUI!

  1. v1.1.4

    - Fixed a bug which could players to not detach properly when teleporting from a cargoship/hot air balloon
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  2. v1.1.3

    - Blocked teleporting from the hot air balloon
    - Added config options for teleporting from cargo ship and hot air balloons
    - Fixed a rare bug which could cause a "key already exists" error
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  3. v1.1.2

    Disable teleporting whilst on the cargoship.
  4. v1.1.1

    Added Daily Limits with a 'Pay After Using Daily Limits' config option. This means, assuming Economics or ServerRewards is enabled, the player will only play for their warp once they reach their daily limit.
    Fixed a few bugs.
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  5. v1.1.0

    Fixed a bug which may prevent default cooldowns and time until teleports from functioning correctly.
  6. v1.0.9

    Fixed a bug which would cause permissions not to be checked when finding an appropriate cooldown/timeuntilteleport for a player.
  7. v1.0.8

    - Added functionality for ServerRewards and Economics
    - Changed to a new/improved config system (no customer changes required)
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  8. v1.0.7

    Fixed an issue where creating a warp with a given permission would not correctly register the permission.
    Note: all permissions follow the scheme "warpsgui.<permission>". If you register a warp with the permission "valley", this will be automatically rectified by the plugin to "warpsgui.valley". This behaviour should have always been intended, but may not have been working correctly until now.
  9. v1.0.6

    Fix for the 'Failed to call hook' error. ;)
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  10. v1.0.5

    Adds support for teleport blocking plugins such as NoEscape.
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