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AlphaLoot 2.2.4

Provides complete control on loot contents of each available lootcontainer

  1. AlphaLoot

    Featurelist overview:
    • Supports all approved WorkShop skins to be available for random skinning
    • Each Loot-Container type has a separate Item list
    • Each Loot-Container type has its own settings for item counts
    • For Heli Loot exists a special loadout option, also
    • Full FancyDrop droptypes support by separate lists (currently 5)
    • Per each item category its able to spawn items randomly skinned
    • It exports the default server Loot-Spawns into its Loot-Table file
    • The presets are adjustable by each item category (more info below)
    • All item rarities can be easy overridden by a predefined data file
    • It will remove stacked Loot-Container often found in towns
    • It makes sure every Loot Container is populated with stuff
    • It prevents the spawn of multiple equal items per Loot-Container
    • Loot-Container refresh timings are spread to prevent server lags
    • Most needed configuration steps can be done by console commands
    The plugin wil use/generate the following files in:
    (Being Created in "data/AlphaLoot")
    • HeliLoot.json - Does hold the heli_crate loots by an unordered array of items; each list in there does fill one spawned crate, and it does preserve that each set is only spawned once
    • ItemRaritys.json - Does hold each items rarity for direct manual manipulation
    • LootFractions.json - Does hold reach items loot condition; this controls weither items with durability spawn at full healt or lowered heatlh
    • LootTables.json - Does hold all used loot container settings and their loot content lists.
    • NamesList.json - Does only a read-ony list of all items to be used as reference only. Does also mark on patchdays any NEW items inside
    • FancyDropLoot.json - Does hold each FancyDrop droptype as unique itemlist
    The plugin does also create the main config file as "config/AlphaLoot.json"
    Inside it does hold the following explained settings:
    Code (Javascript):
      "Generic": {
        "adminInputLootRefresh": true, // Enables fast container lootrefresh on hammerhit
        "adminLootRefreshInterval": 3.0, // The interval in seconds for the admin loot check
        "blockPlayerItemInput": true, // Blocks input of player items back into lootcontainers
        "debugLootRepopulation": false, // This would log the container lootrefreshs to console
        "disableRefreshFunctions": false, // Disables loot content refresh for all non-barrel types
        "enableFancyDropLoot": false, // Provides seperate itemlists for all drop types (FancyDropLoot.json)
        "enableHeliLoadOut": true, // Provides predefined loadouts for heli crates (HeliLoot.json)
        "excludeCustomLootSpawns": true, // Excludes CustomLootSpawn boxes from handling
        "includeWorkShopSkins": false, // Randomize also WorkShopskins
        "itemAmountMinMax": true, // Enables all loottables and itemlists to use a min and max per item
        "lootStackFixEnable": true, // Removal of stacked loot container at same position
        "lootStackFixRange": 0.3, // Range to check for stacked loot containers
        "pluginEnabled": false, // Enables/disables the plugin loot spawning (al.enable<>al.disable)
        "refreshMinutes": 30, // Time in minutes after a looted-not-empty container will be refreshed
        "setupAuthLevel": 2, // AuthLevel to have access to the plugin commands
        "showAdminLootInfo": true, // Writes the lootcontainer name to chat after a hammerhit
        "useSkinBoxSkins": false // Can re-use the same skins loaded by Skinbox
    Description of the LootTables file container options by example of "crate_elite":
    Code (Javascript):
        "crate_elite": {
          "Enabled": true, // Enables the specific container for AlphaLoot
          "Items": 2, // Does set the minimum count of items to be spawned
          "ItemsVariance": 1, // Can randomize the spawned item count; Can be positive, negative or zero=(no random)
          "LootFraction": true, // Enables fractioned (in health lowered) spawn of items, mostly used for guns
          "ScrapAmount": 25, // Does set the minimum count of scrap to be spawned
          "ScrapVariance": 12, // Can randomize the spawned scrap count; Can be positive, negative or zero=(no random)
          "UsedMultiplier": 1, // Used for loot-recreation by "al.lootreload reset" or changed by "al.lootmultiplier"
          "UseVanilla": true// Used for loot-recreation by "al.lootreload reset" or changed by "al.lootmultiplier"; FALSE does mean to ignore the multiplier and use instead the "LootCategorys"
    The HeliLoot.json file explained:
    (Only active at "enableHeliLoadOut" true and the heli_crate in LootTables.json has "Enabled" true)
    Example of ItemRaritys.json:
    • None = 0
    • Common = 1
    • Uncommon = 2
    • Rare = 3
    • VeryRare = 4
    The plugin does serve also an detailed console overview of the main config options and the available plugin commands which can be used for several plugin activities.
    Simple run in your server-console: "find alphaLoot".
    Or on client-console: "sv find alphaloot".

    NOTES for Blueprint handling (shortly taken from update 2.0.0)
    • Blueprints are now fully integrated into the configs in same way like items already are.
    • The default loot-table exports, initially or re-created, do hold now additionally any blueprints of those items which are marked by default to spawn as blueprint
      These entries do have a trailing ".blueprint" extension for their shortname to mark them noticeable as blueprint. You will notice these already in the created defaults.
    • Own changes to the loot tables or itemsets can be filled by the known shortnames including a traling ".bp" or ".blueprint" text extension. Both are being accepted.
      These entries do still need the min/max parts, even when the blueprint is always spawned as "1".
    • The new system lets you therefore spawn the item and it's bluprint in the same loot type.
    • The "ItemRaritys.json" does now also hold the "ItemBlueprintRaritys", to be managed by own personal needs.
    • The former implemented "SpawnAsBlueprint.json was obsolete now and removed again.
      (The file might still be there, but without function)
    • Each container type got added a "MaxBlueprintSpawns" option to limit the max possible spawned BP's per each type.
    • for every loot handled by or from the "LootTables.json" the plugin got added in the mainconfig the global valid "blueprintProbability" with a default of "0.11". This value ranges somewhere at ~10% chance to spawn a blueprint into a container. Possible Lowering f.e. "0.05".
    • In the "FancyDropLoot.json" you will find the equivalent option "BlueprintProbability", to be used for the same approach on FancyDrop loot contents.
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