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CarCommander 0.2.59

A custom car controller with many options including persistence

  1. 0.2.59

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  2. 0.2.59

    Send player a message if they dont have permission to build a car
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  3. 0.2.58

    Added build functionality using the command /buildcar
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  4. 0.2.57

    Disable brake lights when there is no driver
    Remove driver as attacker for collision damage against the car
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  5. 0.2.56

    Fixed default handing thinking its always out of fuel
    Additional checks to destroy control component on plugin reload (should stop those random NREs when trying to drive a car after the plugin has been reloaded)
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  6. 0.2.55

    This update requires Oxide version 2.0.3962 or higher!

    Updated for hook argument order change
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  7. 0.2.54

    Changed fuel management to allow for fractional usage amounts per second
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  8. 0.2.54

    Changed fuel management to allow for fractional usage amounts per second
  9. 0.2.53

    Fixed prefab IDs of lock when saving data
  10. 0.2.52

    Fixed item and prefabs ID's for Rust update
    Temporarily added magic reference until Oxide is updated to fix compile issues