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EventLoot v1.2.0

Create custom spawns for all types of loot boxes, with custom loot!

  1. EventLoot

    EventLoot is a plugin which allows you to create custom spawns for loot crates, with custom loot. Want to set up an event arena, where players can grab gear and loot from crates and deployables? This is the plugin! You could also use this to set custom loot spawns across the map, for example if you wanted to have free items at a town, or rewards for finishing things such as a parkour course or climbing to the the top of a radtown - the possibilities are endless.

    You are able to use any storage container included in Rust, such as wood boxes, campfires, furnaces, or even lanterns. In addition, you are also able to spawn in a range of custom loot containers such as barrels, loot crates, and present boxes:

    /eloot - the base commands for setting everything up, and using the plugin. Running '/eloot' will print the help menu
    /eloot add {respawn time [min]} [skinid] - create an EventLoot container using the deplorable you are looking at, using the given skin ID
    /eloot remove - removes the EventLoot container you are looking at
    /eloot list - lists all EventLoot containers
    /eloot createlist - a list of all the prefabs and custom containers you are able to spawn
    /eloot create {container name} {respawn time [min]} - Create a custom loot container with the items from your inventory
    /eloot respawn - forces all EventLoot boxes to respawn
    /eloot findid - finds the ID of the EventLoot box you're looking at
    /eloot tpbox {id} - teleports you to the EventLoot box with the given ID
    /eloot wipeall - deletes all boxes (requires eventloot.wipeall permission)



    ChatPrefixEnabled (true) - should the chat prefix be shown
    ChatPrefix ("<color=orange>Eloot:</color> ") - the prefix to be used in chat

    Note: by default a player with ownerid access is able to bypass all permissions
    EventLoot.Admin - allows a player to use the /eloot commands
    EventLoot.WipeAll - required for a non-admin player to be able to use the /eloot wipeall command

    bool IsEventLootContainer(BaseEntity) - returns true/false depending on whether the given BaseEntity is an EventLoot container
    string GetEventLootBoxInfo(int boxId) - gives JSON formatted data about the provided box. Returns an empty string if no box exists at that ID. Look at the 'ELootInfo' class for more info on how this data structure is implemented

    void OnELootBoxLooter(BasePlayer looter, int boxId, BaseEntity container) - called when an ELoot box is looted by a player. Note that the entity may be destroyed when or soon after this hook is called
    void OnELootBoxRespawnTimerStarted(int boxId, float respawnTime) - called when a countdown timer is started for the box to respawn. 'respawnTime' is the time in seconds before the box will respawn

    Any suggestions, bugs, or issues, please feel free to contact me, either via PM, or preferably by posting on this plugins' thread.
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