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Hacker 1.0.3

Hack other players codelocks and Card Access Reader locations !!

  1. Hacker

    Colon Blow
    DISCLAIMER !!! This plugin does NOT involve any real hacking in any way or form whatsoever. Just gives players a alternate way to break into doors/code locks and card readers by "hacking" the locks with a targeting computer.

    New Version 1.0.1 - TOP 10 Hacker List and player Hack count

    Hacker Logo.png

    Hacking and Antihacking
    In Game Laptops can be used to hack into Code locks and Monument Puzzle Card Readers. They can also be used for Antihack Defense when placed inside you Tool Cupboard.
    By default, it does NOT SHOW ACTUAL CODE !!! just unlocks it. But can be changed via config.

    Laptops are removed from player after any successful hack !!!
    And removed from Tool Cupboard after any successful Antihack Block.

    All hack times can be changed via configuration file for each standard Code Lock, Green Access Reader, Blue Access Reader and Red Access Reader.

    * Admins can toggle the ability to hack on and off via server command. Which can be automated to allow hacking during PVP time and off during PVE times.

    Please Watch video for better overview and usage

    Special Notes when hacking !! (some game balance)
    * If you move while hacking, the hack will fail. If hack is past connection stage, laptop will be destroyed.
    * If you change to another active item while hacking, the hack will fail, and if hack is past connection stage, laptop will be destroyed.
    * Upon successful hack, the laptop is used up (destroyed)
    * Upon success Antihack block with a laptop in your TC, the laptop is used up
    * If hacker is wounded, the hack will fail.. keep that man alive folks !!!!
    * Does NOT effect standard key Locks in any way​

    hacker.allowed - Allows player to use hack command while holding a laptop
    hacker.admin - Allows user to toggle hacking on or off serverwide.

    Chat Commands: Player
    /codehack - allows authorized players to use a laptop to hack into code locks and card readers
    /hackstats - gives players current hack count
    /hacktop - give TOP 10 hackers on server
    /hackswag - after players first successful hack, they can get a free hacker t shirt

    /clearhackdata - players with admin perms can clear the hack database.

    Console commands:
    togglehacking - allows authorized admin players to toggle hacking off/on for server. also can be used via server console manually or by automated process to toggle.

    Default Config:
    Code (Text):
      "_Stage 1 : Bootup - Text String 1 ": ">          Cobolt I.S. [Version 3.22.312.40]",
      "_Stage 1 : Bootup - Text String 2 ": ">          (c) 2018 Cobolt I.S. All rights reserved.",
      "_Stage 1 : Bootup - Text String 3 ": ">          # _root...<color=green>Access Granted</color>...Login Successful",
      "_Stage 1 : Bootup - Text String 4 ": ">          bootup device >> root (hd0,0)",
      "_Stage 1 : Bootup - Text String 5 ": ">          kernel /boot/coboltsys-3.22.312.40.el5PAE ro root=LABEL=/",
      "_Stage 1 : Bootup - Text String 6 ": ">          initrd /boot/initrd-3.22.312.40.el5PAE.img",
      "_Stage 1 : Bootup - Text String 7 ": ">          #boot=/dev/sda",
      "_Stage 2 : Connection - Text String 1 ": ">            Entering non-interactive startup                    [  <color=green>OK</color>  ]",
      "_Stage 2 : Connection - Text String 2 ": ">            Entering non-interactive startup                    [  <color=green>OK</color>  ]",
      "_Stage 2 : Connection - Text String 3 ": ">            Entering non-interactive startup                    [  <color=green>OK</color>  ]",
      "_Stage 2 : Connection - Text String 4 ": ">            Entering non-interactive startup                    [  <color=green>OK</color>  ]",
      "_Stage 2 : Connection - Text String fail ": ">         <color=red>CodeLock interface connection</color>                       [  <color=RED>FAILED</color>  ]",
      "_Stage 2 : Connection - Text String success ": ">           <color=yellow>CodeLock interface connection</color>                      [  <color=green>OK</color>  ]",
      "_Stage 3 : Attack - Text String blocked from antihack ": "       Brute Force Attack                       [  <color=orange>BLOCKED ANTIHACK</color>  ]",
      "_Stage 3 : Attack - Text String fail ": "       Brute Force Attack                       [  <color=red>FAILED</color>  ]",
      "_Stage 3 : Attack - Text String In progress ": "      Brute Force Attack                      [  <color=yellow>IN PROGRESS</color>  ]",
      "_Stage 3 : Attack - Text String success ": "        Brute Force Attack                       [  <color=green>SUCCESS</color>  ]",
      "Antihack - Amount of antihack item needed to block one attack ": 1,
      "Antihack - Item ID needed for TC for Antihack measures (default is targeting computer)": 1523195708,
      "Global - Blue Card Reader - Approx total Hack time (minutes) ?": 4,
      "Global - Code Lock - Approx total Hack time (minutes) ?": 2,
      "Global - Green Card Reader - Approx total Hack time (minutes) ?": 3,
      "Global - Mask Real Master Code when successful hack ?": true,
      "Global - Red Card Reader - Approx total Hack time (minutes) ?": 5,
      "Global Broadcast Header Text - Header for Messsage players see when hacking is toggled on/off": "Hacking",
      "Global Broadcast Header Text Color - Header text color for Messsage players see when hacking is toggled on/off": "#4286f4",
      "Global Broadcast Text - Messsage players see when hacking is disabled ": "has been <color=red>DISABLED</color>....",
      "Global Broadcast Text - Messsage players see when hacking is enabled ": "has been <color=green>ENABLED</color>....",
      "Image URL - cardreader image ": "https://i.imgur.com/WCRZowV.png",
      "Image URL - code lock image ": "https://i.imgur.com/St0qsrJ.png",
      "Warning Text - Server console message when hacking is disabled ": "Player Hacking has been disabled.....",
      "Warning Text - Server console message when hacking is enabled ": "Player Hacking has been enabled....."
    Default language File
    Code (Text):
      "noperms": "You do not have permssion to use that command",
      "errorstack": "Hacking laptops cannot be stacked... only 1 per try..",
      "errorunavailable": "Hacking is currently unvailable... please try again later!",
      "erroractiveitem": "You must have Targeting Computer as active item....",
      "nohacksrecorded": "You do not have any successful hacks recorded.",
      "datawiped": "All hacker data has been wiped...and wiped...and wiped..."
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