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Neon Skins 1.0.11

Add Animated Neon Signs And Clothing to your game !!!!

  1. 1.0.11

    Colon Blow
    - Fix for null error for OnEntityDeath
    - Semi fix for Admin Wings. They will work now fine. BUT, due to Rust Culling, they are only visible for a little ways from the original Toggle/Spawn position. if they disappear, you will need to toggle them off and back on.
    * I am looking for a fix for the Culling (going invisible) that works without causing a lot of other major issue.. nothing yet.
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  2. 1.0.10

    Colon Blow
    - Neon Signs should no longer destroy themselves if another neon sign is placed too close or if something was destroyed nearby.
    - Owner of Neon signs can pickup the Neon signs off what walls instead of having to destroy them to get rid of them.
  3. 1.0.9

    Colon Blow
    - Fix for players being able to pickup Neon signs with hammer in hand.
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  4. 1.0.8

    Colon Blow
    - slight code addition.
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  5. 1.0.8

    Colon Blow
    - removed the OnEntityKill check, it was only a backup I used and forgot to delete it.. sorry, it was causing issues. :(
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  6. 1.0.7

    Colon Blow
    - Neon Sign Refresh Rate : Added Tick Rate option to Neons signs. Now you can toggle how fast the sign changes skins with a simple chat command. Default Tick rate is set at 10. Due to crazy refresh issues, the lowest it will let you do is 3.
    - Chat Command /neon.tickrate # - change refresh tick rate of your neon sign.
    Example: to make sign change skins twice as slow... while looking at sign, type /neon.tickrate 20...
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  7. 1.0.6

    Colon Blow
    - Added "Exit" button on the Neon GUI
    - Fixed issue with damage prevention coding conflicting with other plugins.
    - Possible fix of other random Null errors that could have occurred.
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  8. 1.0.5

    Colon Blow
    Quick fix for wing position on player when using /neon.wings
    ** working on some default / configurable skins for attire in the config. and making them save on reboots
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  9. 1.0.4

    Colon Blow
    *** If you have any issues, Please delete config file AND language file and reload plugin ***
    - New Feature !! - Updated plugin to include a Max Sign per player option. By default it is enabled.
    - Max Sign per player has three options, standard users get 2 by default, VIP permission users get 10 by default, and NOLIMIT permission users get ...well no limit :)
    - Added...
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  10. 1.0.3

    Colon Blow
    *** Config file has changed a lot... if you have any issues. Please Delete config and reload plugin ***

    - Add MORE default signs.. There are now 17 in total. usage is same as before. type /neon.add 13 for sign 13.
    - Added NEON SIGN GUI with all default signs listed with there respective chat commands. type /neon to bring it up (slight delay to open) then type it again to close.

    WIP.. all...