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RadStorm 1.0.8

Dynamic radiation storm events

  1. RadStorm

    Turn your server into a proper wasteland with this new dynamic event that utilises the currently mostly unused weather features. While the event is active, sleepers and active players who are outside and not wearing radiation protection will be riddled with radiation. There will be different bonuses during this event including gather rate changes, and more.

    This plugin takes advantage of the "on-the-fly" weather changing of rust, to dynamically merge into and out of the stormy wasteland. The rain / clouds / wind / radiation level will slowly increase until it reaches the peak values, where the radiation damage will be set to full.




    radstorm.admin - Players with this permission will be able to start and stop radstorms
    radstorm.exempt - Players with this permission will be exempt from receiving radiation while the event is active


    (chat) /radstorm <start/stop> - Chat command to start / stop radstorms.
    (console) radstorm <start/stop> - Console command to start / stop radstorms. Can be used by external plugins.

    Code (Javascript):
      "Bonus Settings": {
        "Collectibles Rate Bonus": 1.0,
        "Gather Finish Bonus Rate Bonus": 1.0,
        "Gather Rate Bonus": 1.0
      "Storm Settings": {
        "Hurt Sleepers": true,
        "Max Storm Inbound Time": 7200.0,
        "Min Storm Inbound Time": 3600.0,
        "Radiation Amount": 50.0,
        "Storm Length": 300.0


    The plugin is currently still in a fairly early stage of development, although full functional, it currently lacks advanced features for full customisation. I will be taking all ideas and feature requests from the support section and implementing any that make a reasonable amount of sense.
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Recent Reviews

  1. misterwoof2poin0
    Version: 1.0.8
    i like it but if u have much people in the server or the stoem is going awat it will lagg for everyone
  2. Scar3cr0w
    Version: 1.0.8
    Love this plugin! Add's another sense of urgency on getting a base down and some resources!
  3. Deividas
    Version: 1.0.3
  4. SheepRW
    Version: 1.0.2
    I really enjoy this plugin and so do my players, its fun for events or low gather servers. You can combine this with timed execute to create some awesome automated storms. I recommend this 100%! The fact that its that cheap is even better :D
  5. Lone
    Version: 1.0.2
    Really cool addition to the game. Most plugins are meh, but this one actually kinda changes the feel and mechanics of the game to watch out for the storm. 10/10 would recommend