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SQLRanks 1.0.2

Leaderboards for SQLStats (PvE, PvE, Gather, Clans leaderboards and more!)

  1. SQLRanks

    This plugin allows players to see leaderboards which are collected via SQLStats plugin.
    Commands available via this plugin:
    • /ranks - Display TOP players in various categories (PvE, PvP, Gather, Clan PvE, Clan PvP, Clan Gather, Online Spent)
    • /rank - Display your rank on PvE, PvP and Gather stats.
    • /rank PlayerName - Displays player's rank in PvE, PvP and Gather stats. (Player must be online)
    Code (Text):
      "colorSettings": {
        "BackgroundColor": "#000000F0",
        "ButtonColor": "#FFFFFF55",
        "CloseButtonColor": "#FFFFFF55",
        "CloseButtonTextColor": "#000000",
        "DeathsColor": "#FF0000",
        "GatherColor": "#FF8C00",
        "KillsColor": "#00FF00",
        "NameColor": "#FFFFFF",
        "ScoreColor": "#FF8C00",
        "SideButtonTextColor": "#000000",
        "TimeSpentColor": "#FF8C00",
        "ToggledButtonColor": "#FFFFFF22",
        "ToggledNameColor": "#FF8C00"
      "dbConnection": {
        "Database": "rust",
        "Host": "",
        "Password": "password",
        "Port": 3306,
        "Username": "username"

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