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SpawnControl 1.6.4

Provides complete control over the population of animals, ore's, tree's, junkpiles and all others

  1. SpawnControl

    Main feature list:
    • All made settings are also valid after map, size or seed changes and need no new setup after those changes
    • Provides easy control over all spawn populations
    • lets you control loot respawntimes for all monument spawngroups
    • Prevents full and consistent barricade stacking at monuments
    • Lets you raise densitys for single or multiple populations by percentages
    • Lets you lower densitys for single or multiple populations by percentages
    • Lets you control the tick rate of the spawnhandler
    • All made changes to population densitys can be reverted by a single command
    • Has inbuilt security mechanism to prevent wrong plugin usage by a single command and to prevent any needs for a map after those cases
    • Provides an easy plugin reload command after manual config-changes
    • Provides an easy config clearing command for clean restarts in case of you did edit too much at all with wrong results
    • Provides many listing/report variants about current seetings, command and populations overview's
    A brief video overview about some parts of it and how the commands are working:

    These resource types can be controlled:
    • Animals
    • JunkPiles
    • MushRooms
    • Hemp
    • Stones (all colletible resources)
    • Loot (in the free world)
    • Ores
    • Corn
    • Pumpkin
    • And all kinds ot tree's and cacti
    The full list and the ingame used names for them all:
    Code (Text):

    These Monuments can be controlled for different loot respawn times:
    • Airfield
    • Harbor 1
    • Harbor 2
    • Lighthouse
    • MilitaryTunnel
    • All power sub stations
    • Powerplant
    • Radtown
    • SatelliteDish
    • SphereTank
    • Trainyard
    • Warehouse
    • WaterTreatmentPlant
    (This part is not enabled and included in config by default)
    The full ist of those groups which are are controllable by the config file:
    Code (Text):
        Loot Spawner
        Oil Barrel Spawner
        Barrel Spawner
        Crate Spawner
        Barrel Spawner
        Crate Spawner
        Barrel Spawner
        Food Spawner
        Loot Spawner
        Barrel Spawner
        Loot Spawner
        Barrel Spawner
        Barrel Spawner
        Barrel Spawner
        Crate Spawner
        Barrel Spawner
        Food Spawner
        Crate Spawner
        Barrel Spawner
        Food Spawner
        Crate Spawner
        Barrel Spawner
        Barrel Spawner
        Oil Barrel Spawner
        Crate Spawner
        Crate Spawner
        Crate Spawner
        Barrel Spawner
        Food Spawner
        Crate Spawner
        Crate Spawner
        Barrel Spawner
        Food Spawner

    Install notes:
    • Un-Install plugins like SpawnConfig or Cornucopia (which is total crap btw)
      Do also uninstall any version of my former premade mini SpawnControl plugin (if you have)
    • You should not use it to heavy before you did not a clean start with the installed plugin, otherwise the density restore backup does not work, to let you easy revert any made changes to the densitys
    Config options explained:

    • enableGroupTickData: true/false
      Enables specific spawngroup control over the number of loot to respawn with each tick (disabled by default)
    • enablePopulationPrefabs: true/false
      Enables specific control over each used prefab by the spawnpopulations, mainly useful for changes to the weighting (disabled by default)
    • enableSpawnGroups: true/false
      Enables control or spawngroup monuments respawn timers (disabled by default)
    • fixBarricadeStacking: true/false
      Enables the deletion of stacked barricades on plugin loading and while runtime at spawning of barricades (enabled by default)
    • initialFillPopulations: true/false
      Would refill the spawnpopulations after server startup;
      In most cases it's not needed (disabled by default)
    • logJobsToConsole: true/false
      Enables the console logging of enabled heartbeat jobs for specific spawnpopulations, if such are configured
    • normalizeDefaultVariables: true/false
      Normalizes any servervariables like max_rate to their defaults, if configured in the server.cfg
      (enabled by default / also recommended for best results)
    • reloadWithIncludedFill: true/false
      Would instant refill the spawnpopulations (if raised) after each run of the internal reload command (disabled by default)
    • maxSpawnsPerTick: set to 200; serverdefault is 100
      Maximum number of prefabs to spawn per tick
    • minSpawnsPerTick: set to 100; serverdefault is 100
      Minimum number of prefabs to spawn per tick
    • tickInterval: set to 120.0; serverdefault is 60.0
      Time in seconds between each spawnhandler tick
      This means the population (fill-up) of prefabs
    Provided commands (work from console and client):
    • sc.cleardata
      Clear Population and/or Group data
      You need to provide either all, population or groups as argument
      This command is meant to have a cleared config data before a restart, to let it recreate its default data afterwards
    • sc.tickinterval
      Show or set the Population tick interval in seconds
      Without argument it shows you the current value
      By providing a number it sets the interval new
      Recommended are higher values then the default
    • sc.fill
      Fill all Populations or choosen one's by filter
      Running this command with no argument will run a spawn tick over all populations
      You can also provide specific word filters, which can match either the start or the end of population names
    • sc.kill
      Kill all Populations or choosen one's by filter
      Running this command with all will run a removal over all populations
      You can also provide specific word filters, which can match either the start or the end of population names
    • sc.raisedensity
      Raise Populations in percent for all or choosen one's by filter
      Running this command needs you to provide a percentage number and either all or specific word filters, which can match either the start or the end of population names
      (the percentage is limited to 100 per each run)

      Any population set to zero before can also be set to 100 again; valid only for commands by providing a word filter, and not for all
    • sc.lowerdensity
      Lower Populations in percent for all or choosen one's by filter
      Running this command needs you to provide a percentage number and either all or specific word filters, which can match either the start or the end of population names

      Running the command with 100 will result in setting the density to zero, and does not spawn any prefabs more of this population

      Running the command with 100 and all needs to be confirmed with an additional force argument
    • sc.enforcelimits
      Enforce object limits on all Populations
      Will delete all objects over the current limits
      Most times not needed because the internals do already keep an eye on the limits
    • sc.reload
      Does reload the plugin after config changes and sets all variables Provides the reload in the same way like a full plugin reload would do
    • sc.report
      Displays current Population objects with their limits
    • sc.spawnpopulations
      Displays current Population settings
    • sc.restoredensitys
      Restores all spawnpopulation densitys to their defaults
      In case of you did experiment too much with the commands, this one helps you to revert all densitys to their server defaults

      Hint: This command cannot work when you did not a server-start with the installed plugin before
    • sc.groupspawners
      Displays the SpawnGroup timer settings
    • sc.dumpresources
      Dumps current resource amounts on map
    • sc.dumploot
      Dump current complete loot amount on map (Populations and Groups)
      The shown numbers include also those objects by the spawngroups, which do not represent the given limits for the spawn populations
    • sc.cmds
      Lists all those commands and their short info
    • sc.showconfig
      Lists the current config options with a short description
    Config data examples and description:

    Example SpawnPopulation without prefabs:
    Code (Text):
          "ores": {
            "spawndensity": 80.0,
            "spawnfillheartbeat": 0,
            "spawnlimits": true,
            "spawnrate": 1.0

    • spawndensity
      The resource density all over the map
      Editung this number does not direct edit the amount, its more a relative number
      Doubling those numbers would result in the try of the server to double the amount on map by time
    • spawnfillheartbeat
      Defines single spawnticks for the resource type
      When you increase the spawntick interval for example to 5 minutes to reduce cpu-load, you could also define for any resource typ a special tick, based on minutely intervals
    • spawnlimits
      To enable the limit enforcing on this resourcetype
      Default enabled for all repources, and also recommended for all to prevent a resource flooding by time
    • spawnrate
      Multiplier for spawns per tick
      Can raise the number of spawns per tick for this resource type
      The defaults are already providing a good balance, but raising some needed one's to 2.0 or 3.0 should give some faster respawns of this type

    Example SpawnPopulation with prefabs:
    Code (Text):

          "ores": {
            "spawndensity": 80.0,
            "spawnfillheartbeat": 0,
            "spawnlimits": true,
            "spawnrate": 1.0,
            "spawnweights": {
              "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/resource/ores/Metal-Ore.prefab": 1,
              "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/resource/ores/Stone-Ore.prefab": 1,
              "assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/resource/ores/Sulfur-Ore.prefab": 1
    This represents each used prefab of this resource type
    The numbers behind represent their weighthing to each other and results in less ore more spawns of each prefab type
    If you want to disable any of those simply set the number to zero and the server will not respawn those afterwards.

    Example SpawnGroup entry without ticks:
    Code (Text):
          "harbor_1": [
              "_refName": "Crates_spawner",
              "_refNumber": 6,
              "delayMax": 2200.0,
              "delayMin": 1800.0
              "_refName": "Barrels_spawner",
              "_refNumber": 20,
              "delayMax": 2200.0,
              "delayMin": 1800.0

    • _refName
      Internal used reference (don't change this)
      This represents one complete SpawnGroup of the monument
      These are mainly grouped into Barrel, Crate, Food and Oil
    • _refNumber
      Internal used reference (don't change this)
    • delayMax
      The maximum used seconds for loot respawn
    • delayMin
      The minimum used seconds for loot respawn
    With enabled GroupTickData you get also:
    • perTickMax
      The maximum containers to be respawned per group tick
    • perTickMin
      The minimum containers to be respawned per group tick

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